Nature, Liberty, and Equality

About the Speaker (2006)

Donald Worster is Joyce and Elizabeth Hall Professor of History at the University of Kansas. He received a BA in 1963 and an MA in 1964 from the University of Kansas. He continued his education at Yale University, earning an MPhil in 1970 and a PhD in 1971. Dr. Worster's research, lecturing, and teaching fields include: the environmental history of North America and the world, the American West, and nineteenth- and twentieth-century U.S. history. He has held teaching appointments at Brandeis University, the University of Hawaii, and the University of Maine. He serves on the boards of several environmental organizations. His publications include An Unsettled Country: Changing Landscapes of the American West (1994); The Wealth of Nature: Environmental History and the Ecological Imagination (1993); Nature's Economy: A History of Ecological Ideas (1977); and A River Running West: The Life of John Wesley Powell (2001). He is currently working on a biography of John Muir, to be published by Oxford University Press.