Jonathan Schofer Named Assistant Professor of Comparative Ethics

Jonathan Schofer, currently an assistant professor in the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Studies at the University of Wisconsin, will join the Faculty of Divinity at Harvard on January 1, 2006, as Assistant Professor of Comparative Ethics.

Schofer, who has been on the Wisconsin faculty since 2000, teaches and writes about the literature, thought, and religion of late ancient rabbis, with a focus on ethics and self-formation. He also has strong interests in comparative and theoretical inquiry. His first book—The Making of a Sage: A Study in Rabbinic Ethics—was published earlier this year by the University of Wisconsin Press, and articles from that project have appeared in The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy and the Association for Jewish Studies Review.

He has recently begun a new book on rabbinic self-formation, focusing on notions of embodiment, temporality, and spatiality. The study examines the ethical significances of the body, age, and the anticipation of death, everyday spaces such as the dining room and bathhouse, and the cosmos.