Faculty Notes and Books - April 2013

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Cheryl Giles

Cheryl A. Giles, Francis Greenwood Peabody Professor of the Practice in Pastoral Care and Counseling, presented "Self, Other, and Culture in Psychoanalysis" in a panel discussion of the work of Phillis Sheppard at the November 17, 2012, meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Chicago. In April 2013, she joined the editorial board of Spirituality in Culture, a publication of the American Psychological Association, for a two-year term. Her recent publications include "The Soul Has No Gender: Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of Queer Youth" (Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Summer/Autumn 2012, vol. 40, nos. 3 & 4), and a volume co-edited with Willa Miller, titled The Arts of Contemplative Care: Pioneering Voices in Buddhist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work (Wisdom Publications, 2012). With Sharon Fennema, Lecturer on Ritual, Liturgy, and Preaching at HDS, Giles received a grant from the Open Gate Foundation to support a series of events focusing on queer spiritual care beyond the welcoming church and culminating in the day-long conference "Futures in LGBTIQ Spiritual Care."

David N. Hempton, Dean of the Faculty of Divinity, Alonzo L. McDonald Family Professor of Evangelical Theological Studies, and John Lord O'Brian Professor of Divinity, was awarded the Albert C. Outler Prize (2012) of the American Society of Church History for his book The Church in the Long Eighteenth Century (I. B. Tauris, 2012).

Amy Hollywood, Elizabeth H. Monrad Professor of Christian Studies, edited The Cambridge Companion to Christian Mysticism with Patricia Z. Beckman (Cambridge University Press, 2012). She published "Derrida's Noble Unfaith, or What Reading Christian Mystical Writing Can Teach You about Reading Derrida" in The Minnesota Review, issue 80 (2013), and "Love Speaks Here: Michel de Certeau's Mystic Fable" in Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality, vol. 12 (2012). Talks include: "The Soul Speaks" for the American Psychiatric Association, Boston, April 2013; "Secular Death" for the Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Boston, January 2013; "On Reading, or You Are What You Love" for the American Academy of Religion Annual Conference, Chicago, November 2012; and "Apophasis and Ecstasy: At the Limits of Gender" at University of California, Berkeley, December 2012, at Wesleyan University, November 2012, and at St. Mary's College, October 2012.

Beverly Mayne Kienzle, John H. Morison Professor of the Practice in Latin and Romance Languages, Lecturer on Medieval Christianity, and faculty director of language studies, contributed a chapter entitled "Cistercian Preaching" in The Cambridge Companion to the Cistercians (Cambridge University Press, 2012), and the foreword for Franciscans and Preaching: Every Miracle from the Beginning of the World Came About through Words (Brill, 2012).

Karen King, Hollis Professor of Divinity, published "Christianity and Torture" in The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Violence (Oxford University Press, 2013). She gave an invited lecture on February 7 marking the 125th anniversary of Occidental College (Los Angeles), titled "Was Jesus Married? Early Christian Controversies over Marriage, Celibacy, and Salvation."

Jon D. LevensonJon D. Levenson Jon D. Levenson, Albert A. List Professor of Jewish Studies, was interviewed about his new book, Inheriting Abraham: The Legacy of the Patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (Princeton University Press, September 2012), in Jewish Ideas Daily, November 27, 2012, and in Marginalia Review, March 12, 2013. He published the articles "The Three Abrahams," National Post (Canada), October 16, 2012; "Enlisting the Biblical Abraham as Peace Broker," Wall Street Journal, November 9, 2012; and "Honesty about Interfaith Dialogue," Huffington Post, November 13, 2012. The Korean edition of his book Sinai and Zion: An Entry into the Jewish Bible (1987) was published by the Christian Literature Society of Korea (2012). He published "In the Beginning," a review of Ronald Hendel's The Book of Genesis: A Biography in Moment Magazine, February 26, 2013. He participated in the panel presentation "The Bible in Modern Jewish Identity" at the annual conference of the Association for Jewish Studies in Chicago, December 17, 2012. He delivered the lecture "The Binding of Isaac and the Crucifixion of Jesus" at the Myrtle Baptist Church, Newton, Massachusetts, on January 16, 2013, and "Was Abraham the Common Father of Jews, Christians, and Muslims?" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, March 5, 2013.

Kevin J. Madigan, Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History and associate dean for faculty and academic affairs, published a review of Why Priests? The Real Meaning of the Eucharist by Garry Wills, titled "Why Priests Have Power," in The New Republic, February 11, 2013.

Laura S. Nasrallah, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, was named a Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology for 2013-14, during which she will be working on a book project titled "Archaeology and the Letters of Paul." She co-organized and ran a symposium with Steven J. Friesen, titled "How Bodies Matter: The Intersection of Science, the Humanities, and Religion in the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean World," March 15-16, 2013, at Harvard Divinity School, and delivered the paper "Religion and the Materialist Turn." She also delivered "Dice Oracles, Fate, and Providence: A Project in Collapsing Doctrine and Practice," at a conference on themes and developments in Christianity in the second century at Cambridge University in March 2013; "What Matters: Material Culture and Commodity in the Study of the Corinthian Correspondence," Polis and Ekklesia Section, Society of Biblical Literature, Chicago, November, 2012; and "Expansive Archaeology and the New Testament" as a panelist for the talk "The Future of Biblical Studies," hosted by the SBL student advisory board at the Society of Biblical Literature, Chicago, November 2012.

Kimberley PattonKimberley PattonKimberley C. Patton, Professor of the Comparative and Historical Study of Religion, was the respondent for a second AAR panel on her book Religion of the Gods: Ritual, Paradox, and Reflexivity (Oxford University Press, 2009), sponsored by the Daoist Studies Group at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in Chicago on November 19, 2012. The panel featured papers on the concept of divine reflexivity in Daoist ritual texts. She contributed the entry "Asklepieia and Asklepian Rites" in Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams (Greenwood Publishers, 2012).

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Krister Stendahl Professor of Divinity, was the recipient of the 2012 Martin E. Marty Award for the Public Understanding of Religion at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in November 2012, where she also participated in the following lectures and workshops: "Living Out Feminist Liberation Theological Commitments and Perspectives in Specific Communities"; "Feminist Studies in Religion across Disciplines and Communities"; and "The Future of Feminist Biblical Studies." At Konzilstagung, Frankfurt, October 18-22, 2012, she delivered the lecture "Welche Kirche brauchen wir angesichts der Herausforderungen unserer Zeit? Welche Kirche leben wir angesichts der Welt?" and participated in the workshop Kirchenfrauen und radikaler Feminismus. She published Changing Horizons: Explorations of Feminist Interpretation (Fortress Press, 2013); Poder, Diversidad y Religión: Special issue of La Revista Vida y Pensamiento, vol. 32/2 (Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana, 2013); "Communicating across Borders" in Offerings on Interfaith Dialogue (Harvard Divinity School, 2012); "Changing the Paradigms: Toward a Feminist Future of the Biblical Past" in The Future of the Biblical Past: Envisioning Biblical Studies in a Global Key (Society of Biblical Literature, 2012); "Diversity Troubles" in Harvard Divinity Bulletin (Summer/Autumn 2012, vol. 40, nos. 3 & 4); and "The Cross as a Central Christian Symbol of Injustice" in Tikkun (Fall 2012).

Charles Stang, Associate Professor of Early Christian Thought, spent February 14-15 at the University of Notre Dame for a preliminary meeting of the translation team tackling Evagrius Ponticus's (a fourth-century Christian monk from Egypt) so-called "Gnostic Trilogy" (Praktikos, Gnostikos, Kephalaia Gnostika), which survives in Greek fragments, but in its entirety in Syriac and Armenian. The team aims to produce the first English translation of the trilogy, along with notes and commentary, under contract with Oxford University Press.

An interview with Jonathan L. Walton, Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church (FAS) and Professor of Religion and Society (HDS), "Speaking Truth to Power in Love," appeared in Religion & Politics, April 4, 2013.