Two HDS Graduates Receive Prestigious Newcombe Fellowship

Molly Farneth and Lang Chen

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation recently announced the selection of 22 Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellows for 2013.

Among them are Harvard doctoral candidates in history Philippa Hetherington and Caroline Spence, as well as Lang Chen and Molly Farneth, both of whom received master's degrees from Harvard Divinity School.

Philippa Hetherington's dissertation, "Victims of the Social Temperament: Prostitution and the Campaign against the Traffic in Women in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, 1880-1935," examines the emergence of the "traffic in women" as a social problem in Russian society and international law in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries.

Caroline Spence is exploring the influence of Spanish laws on British slavery and amelioration in her dissertation "Beyond the Black Legend: Spanish Laws and Slavery in the British Empire, 1783-1840."

Lang Chen received a master of theological studies (MTS) degree from the Divinity School in 2006. She is now a doctoral candidate in religious studies at Yale University. Her dissertation, "Elixir or Poison? Indian Origins and Chinese Interpretations of Buddhist Antinomian Narratives," explores the origins of antinomianism in Indian Buddhist narrative literature and the pertinent philosophical development in China.

Molly Farneth received an MTS degree from HDS in 2007. She is currently a doctoral candidate in religion at Princeton University. Her dissertation, "Agon and Reconciliation: Ethical Conflict and Religious Practice in Hegel's Account of Spirit," addresses ethical conflict and processes of reconciliation in the work of G.W.F. Hegel.

The Newcombe Fellowship is the nation's largest and most prestigious such award for PhD candidates in the humanities and social sciences whose dissertations address questions of ethical and/or religious values. Each 2013 Newcombe Fellow will receive a 12-month award of $25,000.

Read the full press release on the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation website.