Homelessness at Harvard: How Serving Your Neighbor Can Save the World (Video)

Homelessness at Harvard

Reverend Thomas Hathaway from The Outdoor Church in Cambridge, Mass., Richard Parker, Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, and MDiv student Zachary Kerzee speak about the issue of homelessness in Cambridge, Mass and their efforts to help the homeless population. Watch the full video or selected clips below.

Full video

Part 1: Introductions

Part 2: Richard Parker describes his background and experience in the Unitarian tradition and how he became involved with the Cambridge Advocates for a Common Toilet. The organization is asking the city of Cambridge, Mass. to provide more public toilets.

Part 3: Reverend Thomas Hathaway talks about The Outdoor Church and the types of services it provides to the homeless community of Cambridge.

Part 4: MDiv student Zachary Kerzee talks about how he got involved with the efforts to address some of the needs of Cambridge's homeless population.

Part 5: Q & A