News & Events

The Spirit of Social Justice
03.21.2014 News Story

MTS candidate Jared Oubre uses his HDS education to help improve the lives of homeless orphans.

Finding a Home in Buddhist Ministry
03.20.2014 News Story

In a recent blog post, HDS student Brianna Quick writes about learning new ways of applying Buddhism to her work.

Capitalism's 'Moment of Opportunity'
03.14.2014 News Story

At WSRP, financiers say recession is time to bring sustainability, women into the boardroom.

Catherine Brekus, Distinguished American Religious Historian, to Join HDS
03.10.2014 News Story

Award-winning author and scholar will enhance School's offerings in gender studies, American religion.

From Medieval Sankore to Modern Say: Islamic Institutions of Higher Learning in Africa in Historical and Comparative Perspective (Video)
03.06.2014 News Story

Professor Ousmane Oumar Kane delivered the inaugural Prince Alwaleed bin Talal lecture on March 6, 2014.

HDS Alumni/Alumnae Council Announces 2014 Gomes Honorees
03.04.2014 News Story

Four distinguished alumni and former dean William A. Graham to be honored on April 3.

The Muslims Rarely Heard
03.03.2014 News Story

Ahead of the inaugural Alwaleed Lecture, Ousmane Kane discusses his work and research and the transformation of Islamic identities.

Hand in Hand through the 'Land of the Sick'
03.03.2014 News Story

Ms. magazine cofounder Letty Cottin Pogrebin speaks about illness and friendship.

Divine Law: A Tale of Two Concepts and Three Responses (Video)
03.03.2014 News Story

On March 3, 2014, Professor Christine Hayes was a featured speaker at the Center for the Study of World Religions.

Finding Altruism in China: The Confucian Corpus and the Quest for Universal Benevolence (Video)
02.25.2014 News Story

The CSWR sponsored this discussion by Berkeley's Mark Csikszentmihàlyi on altruism in China.