News & Events

A More Inclusive Church
09.28.2013 News Story Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette speaks with HDS professor Francis Clooney about the implications of Pope Francis's recent remarks on gay marriage, contraception, and abortion.

Aslan on Faith, Jesus, and Fox News
09.27.2013 News Story Harvard Magazine

HDS grad and bestselling author Reza Aslan speaks about about personal faith, the historical figure of Jesus, and writing for a popular audience.

Where God Is Moving
09.20.2013 News Story

Professor Frank Clooney and author James Carroll respond to the Pope's comments on the direction of the Roman Catholic Church.

Yes, the Navy Yard Shooter Was a Buddhist
09.20.2013 News Story Religion Dispatches

HDS alum Joshua Eaton writes about the ways religious stereotypes inform responses to violence.

You 2.0
09.17.2013 News Story Harvard Gazette

Dorie Clark, HDS alumna and business review strategist, on how to remake your professional life.

HDS Alumna Is New Minister of Follen Community Church
09.16.2013 News Story Lexington Minuteman

HDS grad Claire Feingold Thoryn, MDiv '06, delivered her first sermon as the new minister of Follen Community Church to a record turnout.

Beyond Belief
09.15.2013 News Story Harvard Gazette

Panelists at HDS find sharper understanding of world events through religious studies.

Washing Away the Layers
09.13.2013 News Story

HDS denominational counselor Sally Finestone shares a sermon for the evening of Yom Kippur.

Studying Religion in the Post-9/11 World (Video)
09.11.2013 News Story

View videos from the CSWR event "Studying Religion in the Post-9/11 World." 

Religion and Conflict in Syria
09.10.2013 News Story

HDS faculty members express doubts about the prospect of a U.S. military strike in Syria.