News & Events

Mark Jordan, Prominent Scholar of Ethics, Gender Studies, and Theology, to Return to HDS
12.11.2013 News Story

A prolific and wide-ranging scholar, Mark Jordan will return to the HDS faculty in the summer of 2014.

Fertility and Jewish Law: Feminist Perspectives on Orthodox Response Literature (Video)
12.11.2013 News Story

On December 11, 2013, the CSWR hosted a talk by Professor Ronit Irshai about fertility and Jewish law.

A Discourse on the Valorization of the Colonial Koryo Canon (Video)
12.10.2013 News Story

Professor Hwansoo Ilmee Kim recently spoke at HDS on the valorization of the colonial Koryo Canon (Koryo Taejanggyong).  

The Science of Spiritual Care
12.10.2013 News Story

HDS student Parameshwaran Ramakrishnan is carving out a career at the juncture of medicine and spirituality.

Religions & Peace: Do Universities Have a Role? (Video)
12.06.2013 News Story
HDS recently explored how people of different religions can work to end violence.
Mandela's Legacy
12.06.2013 News Story Harvard Gazette

Harvard professors Jean Comaroff and John Comaroff on a giant of the 20th century and the country he changed.

Universities as Peacemakers
12.06.2013 News Story

A recent panel at HDS probed how religious studies can play pivotal role in solving world's conflicts.

Buddhist Self-Sacrifice in Tibet: The Survivors Speak (Video)
12.05.2013 News Story

Fulbright Scholar Patrick Dowd discussed self-sacrifice in Tibet in a talk sponsored by the Buddhist Ministry Colloquium.

Medicine and Religion: Dr. Alessandro de Franciscis (Video)
12.04.2013 News Story

Dr. Alessandro de Franciscis, president of the Lourdes Office of Medical Observations, recently shared some of his experiences at an HDS lunch talk.

I Give Therefore I Am: The Meaning of Charity in Jewish and Christian Thought (Video)
12.04.2013 News Story

Notre Dame Professor Gary Anderson recently gave a talk on the concept of charity in Jewish and Christian thought.