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06.15.2006 News Story Harvard Gazette

Harvard Divinity School has announced the creation of the Richard Reinhold Niebuhr Professorship of Divinity, which is made possible by a gift from alumnus Thomas M. Chappell.

06.08.2006 News Story Harvard Gazette

Taking a break after her third year at Johns Hopkins Medical School, Enesha Cobb decided to attend Harvard Divinity School, where she earned a master's degree in theological studies.

Celebrating 50 Years of Women at Harvard Divinity School
06.07.2006 News Story

The women's jubilee afforded the opportunity both to look back at the historic pioneer efforts of HDS women and their supporters and to look forward to consider the significance of their...

To Dare Mighty Things
06.07.2006 Video

HDS Alumnae/Alumni Day "To Dare Mighty Things" Tori McClure Sperry Room, 10:25-11:15AM

Living Lovingly in a Culture of Fear
06.07.2006 Video

HDS Alumni Day Luncheon "Living Lovingly in a Culture of Fear" Keynote Speaker: Margaret Miles Andover Lawn Tent, 6/7/06

A Question of Courage: Who Will Be My Sister's Keeper?
06.07.2006 Video

HDS Alumnae/Alumni Day Panel 1 "A Question of Courage: Who Will by My Sister's Keeper" Gloria White-Hammond, Melinda Weeks Sperry Room, 9:-10:15AM

The First Women Students at HDS
06.07.2006 Video

"The First Women Students at HDS" Constance Parvey, Judith Hoehler, Joyce Mann Mazur, Marianka Fousek, Rena Karefa-Smart HDS Alumni/Alumnae Day Sperry Room 11:25-12:30PM, 6/7/06

05.29.2006 News Story

An address to HDS's graduating class of 2006, presented at the Commencement Worship Service in the Memorial Church on June 7, 2006, by Stephanie Paulsell.

05.22.2006 News Story

Joe R. Feagin, BD '62, PhD '66, winner of the Rabbi Martin Katzenstein Award, persists in targeting racism and sexism.

Opening the Soul with Music
05.20.2006 News Story

An acclaimed classical musician, HDS grad Nokuthula Ngwenyama feels that music sustains and empowers her in the way that faith serves so many others.