News & Events

10.26.2005 Video

2005 HDS Leadership Council Meeting. Diana L. Eck, Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies.

10.26.2005 Video

2005 HDS Leadership Council Meeting. Alumni panel. Moderator: Belva Brown Jordan, Assistant Dean for Student Life
Alumni/ae Panelists: Thomas M. Chappell, MTS '91; Leng L. Lim, MDiv '95;...

10.26.2005 Video

2005 HDS Leadership Council Meeting. Remarks by Lawrence H. Summers, President, Harvard University

10.26.2005 Video

2005 HDS Leadership Council Meeting. Faculty panel. Moderator: Harvey G. Cox, Jr., Hollis Professor of Divinity
Panelists: Amy Hollywood, Elizabeth H. Monrad Professor of Christian Studies;...

10.25.2005 Video

On October 25 and 26, Harvard Divinity School hosted the inaugural meeting of the Leadership Council, a group of distinguished individuals from across the professional spectrum, all of whom...

10.13.2005 Video

On October 13, 2005, Jeffrey Schloss, Professor of Biology at Westmont College, and one of the leading authorities on evolutionary and theological understandings of altruism, morality, purpose,...

Wheel of Life Mandala
10.04.2005 Video

The Venerable Losang Samten, founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia, constructed a Tibetan sand mandala in the CSWR Common Room from October 24 to October 28, 2005.

09.29.2005 News Story Harvard Gazette

Jim Wallis outlines a path for new national dialogue.

09.22.2005 News Story Harvard Gazette

Divinity School convocation marks a half-century of School's admission of women.

A Short Half-Century: Fifty Years of Women at Harvard Divinity School
09.19.2005 News Story

The HDS community began its 2005-06 academic year on Monday, September 19, with a Convocation address by Ann Braude, director of the Women's Studies in Religion Program.