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07.15.2003 News Story

Stephanie Paulsell has been appointed Associate Dean for Ministerial Studies and Senior Lecturer on Ministry, effective July 1, 2003.

07.14.2003 News Story

The Life Story of the Man Who Founded Islam and Changed the World Premieres on PBS on Wednesday, December 18, 2003.

07.12.2003 News Story

Mark U. Edwards, Jr., has been appointed associate dean for academic affairs and special programs.

06.02.2003 News Story

Harvard Divinity School has announced recipients of the three alumni awards that were presented on its Alumni Day, June 4, 2003.

05.10.2003 News Story

Paula Smith was 33 years old the first time she encountered a female minister.

In the Beginning Was Consciousness
05.01.2003 Video

On May 1, 2003, Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr, one of the world's leading experts on Islamic science and spirituality, delivered the 2003-04 Dudleian Lecture. 

Chant Wars: A Medieval Musical Lecture and Performance
04.21.2003 Audio

The theme of "Chant Wars" is the famous ninth-century confrontation between the Carolingians and the various regional chant traditions they sought to replace.

04.19.2003 News Story

At a venerable private school in Massachusetts, some of the best and brightest seniors showed up recently for an advanced...

04.17.2003 Audio

This lecture was delivered by Brigid Sackey, PhD (University of Ghana), Research Associate and Visiting Faculty in Women's Studies and World Religions.

CSWR's Religions and Cities Seminars Feature Top Urban-Studies Scholars - City of Sacrifice
04.04.2003 Audio

On Friday, April 4, a panel of scholars addressed Davíd Carrasco's book, City of Sacrifice. The panel included: Charles H. Long, scholar of the History of Religions and African...