Harvard Divinity Bulletin

Harvard Divinity Bulletin is a magazine that includes articles, reviews, and opinion pieces on religion and contemporary life, religion and the arts, religious history, and the study of religion. The contents of the most recent issue appears below, with articles available for reading here.

Winter/Spring 2014 (Vol. 42, Nos. 1 & 2)

Harvard Divinity Bulletin Winter/Spring 2014

The Poetry of Pragmatism by Wendy McDowell

Can We Talk (about Animal Rights)? by Roger S. Gottlieb
Egypt: Notes from the Ground by Ahmed Ragab
I'm with Jack by Michele Madigan Somerville
Children First by T. Robinson Ahlstrom

A Muslim's Search for Meaning by Zain Abdullah
Harvesting Souls for Christ by Judith Casselberry
A Picture Worth a Thousand Tears by Jonathan R. Herman
Reflections on Pope Francis by Francis Schüssler Fiorenza

In Review:
Religion in the Age of Kant and Bacteria by Suzanne Smith
Poetry and Opacity by Michael Jackson
What Is "Health"? by Tamara Mann
A Biblical Theology Illuminated by Daniel Ross Goodman

Three Poems by Bijan Jalali; translated from the Persian by Hamed Kashani and Gary Gach
Echo by Frannie Lindsay