Summer/Autumn 2010 (Vol. 38, Nos. 3 & 4)

Summer/Autumn 2010 (Vol. 38, Nos. 3 & 4)

Lessons in Learning by Kathryn Dodgson

Constitutionally Sound, Educationally Innovative by Diane L. Moore
Morality Begins at the Top by J. C. Cleary
The Trivialization of Compassion by Bradley Shingleton
Companion Theodicy by Mark S. M. Scott

The Philosopher Who Would Not Be King by Michael D. Jackson
Immaterial Witness by Madeleine Avirov
The Dialogue of Socialism by Dan McKanan
Missing Scenes by Mark D. Jordan

In Review:
Reading St. Therese by Stephanie Paulsell
Outstretched Arms as Liturgy by Susan Abraham
Reflecting on a Rabbi's Legacy by Sharon Goldman

Two Poems by Kate Farrell
Lord of Having by Christian Wiman