Summer/Autumn 2013 (Vol. 41, Nos. 2 & 3)

HDB Summer/Autumn 2013 cover

Lost and Found in Translation by Michael Jackson

What Ghana Taught King by Josslyn Jeanine Luckett
Waking from a Dream by Jonathan L. Walton
An Equilibrist Vodou Goddess by Eziaku Atuama Nwokocha
The Myth of Purity by Ayodeji Ogunnaike

Bonds, Boundaries, and Bondage of Faith by Jacob K. Olupona
The Silent Voices of African Divination by Philip M. Peek
Habitations of the Sacred by Tracey E. Hucks
Necropolis by Hans Lucht

In Review:
Pilgrims: Progress and Regress in Three African Memoirs by Devaka Premawardhana
An African Ecological Ethics of Invitation by Mohammed Girma
Ethiopian Lives and Liturgies by Kay Kaufman Shelemay
Writing Africa into Islamic Studies by Lisanne Norman

Two Poems by Kwame Dawes
Elsewhere by Clifton Gachagua
Effective Immediately by Gabeba Baderoon