Winter 2009 (Vol. 37, No. 1)

Winter 2009 (Vol. 37, No. 1)

Resolution 2009: Get New Eyes by Brin Stevens

Unfinished Business by Peter J. Paris
Populism and Politicking by David Lamberth
The Greening of Jesus by Mark I. Pinsky
New Paternalisms by Stanisław Obirek

Ways of 'Knowing' Cancer by Mark U. Edwards, Jr.
Glimpsing a Land beyond Limits by Barbara R. Bodengraven
The Resurgence of Imagination by Sudhir Kakar

In Review:
Perfect Machines, Avenging Angels by Brett Grainger
Bynum's Appetite for Full Humanity by R. Marie Griffith
Enlightenment Apologist by Sharon Goldman
The Hard Stuff Is the Good News by Daniel Smith

Two Poems by Charles Wright
Three Poems by Victoria Bosch Murray
Three Poems by Frannie Lindsay