Winter/Spring 2013 (Vol. 41, Nos. 1 & 2)

Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Winter/Spring 2013

Defining Our Humanity by Kathryn Dodgson

Visiting the Void by Kate Yanina Deconinck
Dying Well by Tamara Mann
Nurturing Jewish Philanthropy by Robert Israel
Jews, Evangelicals: Analyzing the Vote by Mark I. Pinsky
Risky Invocations? by Anthony J. Minna

The Ethics of Representing Disaster by Julia Watts Belser
The Road of Excess by S├ębastien Tutenges
Doubting Thomas, Restaged by Charles M. Stang
The Fog of Religious Conflict by David N. Hempton
Exotic Ordinary by Michael Lambek

In Review:
Cancer Rites and the Remission Society by Paul Stoller
Exposing the Fine Lines by Chris Herlinger
What Broken Souls Can Teach by Will Joyner
Right-Brain Religion, Left-Brain Science by Daniel Goodman

We Lost Our Everything by Andrea Cohen
Saying Grace by Liz Waldner
Two Poems by Gerard Beirne