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Beyond Belief
09.15.2013 News Story Harvard Gazette

Panelists at HDS find sharper understanding of world events through religious studies.

Studying Religion in the Post-9/11 World (Video)
09.11.2013 News Story

View videos from the CSWR event "Studying Religion in the Post-9/11 World." 

Body and Soul in the Study of Religions
09.13.2012 Video

Participants in a panel discussion at HDS examined the terms 'Body' and 'Soul,' which have a long-held place in religious traditions.

'Doing Justice to Life': A Conversation With Social Anthropologist Michael D. Jackson
03.17.2010 News Story

Wendy McDowell recently sat down with HDS professor Michael D. Jackson to discuss his most recent book and the interests that drive his writing, teaching, and fieldwork.

Moral Worlds and Religious Subjectivities: Setting the Stage
09.25.2008 Audio

This event kicked off the 2008-09 "Moral Worlds and Religious Subjectivities" programming series

Translations within English: Writing for Academic, Religious, and Popular Audiences
04.30.2008 Video

On April 30, 2008, Cult/ure, the graduate journal of Harvard Divinity School, hosted a panel discussion to celebrate the appearance of its 2008 issue. The panel featured HDS professors...

Maori and Biotechnology: The Logic of Belief and the Logic of Practice
11.16.2006 Audio

A presentation by Michael D. Jackson, Distinguished Visiting Professor in World Religions, Harvard Divinity School, on research in New Zealand that was partially funded through a CSWR faculty...

A Walk on the Wild Side: The Idea of Nature Revisited
03.18.2006 Video

Presented at the Ethics, Values, and the Environment conference.

Panel Discussion on Ethics, Values, and the Environment
03.18.2006 Video

A discussion with all six speakers at the Ethics, Values, and the Environment conference.

10.26.2005 Video

2005 HDS Leadership Council Meeting. Faculty panel. Moderator: Harvey G. Cox, Jr., Hollis Professor of Divinity
Panelists: Amy Hollywood, Elizabeth H. Monrad Professor of Christian Studies;...