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Convocation 2013: Devotion in the Study of Religion (Video)
09.04.2013 News Story

Watch the 2013 HDS Convocation, including an address by Houghton Professor of the Practice of Ministry Studies Stephanie Paulsell.

Audio Feature: 'Pray Without Ceasing'
08.02.2013 News Story

HDS professor Stephanie Paulsell delivered the Sunday Sermon, "Pray Without Ceasing," at Harvard's Memorial Church. Listen via SoundCloud.

The Song of Songs: Translation, Reception, Reconfiguration
04.15.2013 Video

View a panel discussion held on April 15 featuring a conversation between five scholars on the Song of Songs.

Lamentations and the Song of Songs
04.05.2013 Video

HDS professors Harvey Cox and Stephanie Paulsell gave a talk at HDS Leadership Day on their jointly-authored book, Lamentations and the Song of Songs.

Papal Pick Inspires Hope Among Harvard Professors
03.14.2013 News Story Harvard Crimson

HDS professors Kevin Madigan and Stephanie Paulsell in the Harvard Crimson on what Pope Francis's election could mean.

Ministry in 'Paradise'
11.09.2012 Video

Stephanie Paulsell spoke on November 9 as part of the series "Have Mercy: The Religious Dimensions of the Writings of Toni Morrison."

The Multireligious MDiv: A Conversation
02.23.2012 Video

A panel conversation on multireligious theological education took place at HDS on February 9, 2012.

Lasting Power: Tales of Art, Faith, and Inspiration
04.12.2011 News Story Harvard Gazette

An intimate discussion at Harvard Divinity School’s (HDS) Center for the Study of World Religions on Monday (April 11) examined the intersection of art and faith...

Translations within English: Writing for Academic, Religious, and Popular Audiences
04.30.2008 Video

On April 30, 2008, Cult/ure, the graduate journal of Harvard Divinity School, hosted a panel discussion to celebrate the appearance of its 2008 issue. The panel featured HDS professors...

05.29.2006 News Story

An address to HDS's graduating class of 2006, presented at the Commencement Worship Service in the Memorial Church on June 7, 2006, by Stephanie Paulsell.