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2014 Billings Preaching Prize (Video)
04.18.2014 News Story

Sarah Lord and Adam Vander Tuig were the co-winners of the 2014 Billings Preaching Prize.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities around Harvard
03.27.2014 News Story

HDS student Erika Carlsen writes that, with so much happening at HDS alone, it can be easy to forget the opportunities within the larger Harvard community.

The Spirit of Social Justice
03.21.2014 News Story

MTS candidate Jared Oubre uses his HDS education to help improve the lives of homeless orphans.

Finding a Home in Buddhist Ministry
03.20.2014 News Story

In a recent blog post, HDS student Brianna Quick writes about learning new ways of applying Buddhism to her work.

Crossing the Border
02.19.2014 News Story

In trip to US/Mexico border, Harvard and HDS students explore the contemporary dimensions of immigration.

Keeping the Faith, Outdoors
02.09.2014 News Story

Harsh winter can't halt weekly street worship services run by HDS grads, students.

Combating Poverty and Injustice
01.31.2014 News Story

HDS Field Education Program provides HDS student Joshua Leach with hands-on approach to ministry, service.

Teaching Religion in Public Schools
01.08.2014 News Story Religion and Politics

HDS grad Joseph Laycock writes that teaching religion in public high schools is a must.

The Art of Ministry
12.16.2013 News Story

Award-winning filmmaker Arleigh Prelow, MDiv '13, was inspired to come to HDS after a life-changing event.

The Science of Spiritual Care
12.10.2013 News Story

HDS student Parameshwaran Ramakrishnan is carving out a career at the juncture of medicine and spirituality.