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Faith as Fountainhead
02.24.2014 News Story

Religion can help drive real-world, grassroots organizing, panelists say.

Talking with God, from Ghana to California
02.21.2014 News Story

At the 2014 William Lecture, anthropologist T.M. Luhrmann spoke about the role of evangelism in varied nations.

A Faith in Global Care
02.14.2014 News Story

Paul Farmer and HDS professor Davíd Carrasco discuss global health care and liberation theology.

William James in Accra: The 2014 William James Lecture (Video)
02.13.2014 News Story

Stanford professor Tanya M. Luhrmann delivered the 2014 William James Lecture. 

When Talking with God
02.13.2014 News Story Harvard Gazette

2014 William James lecturer T.M. Luhrmann talks about her work and the ways that members of evangelical communities worship and pray.

Paul Farmer on Liberation Theology (Video)
02.11.2014 News Story

On February 11, Harvard professor and Partners in Health founder Paul Farmer spoke about how liberation theology has influenced him. 

Zen and the Arts of Liberal Ministry (Video)
02.10.2014 News Story

Rev. James Ishmael Ford recently spoke at HDS as part of the Buddhist Ministry Initiative.

Religions & Peace: Do Universities Have a Role? (Video)
12.06.2013 News Story
HDS recently explored how people of different religions can work to end violence.
Buddhist Self-Sacrifice in Tibet: The Survivors Speak (Video)
12.05.2013 News Story

Fulbright Scholar Patrick Dowd discussed self-sacrifice in Tibet in a talk sponsored by the Buddhist Ministry Colloquium.

Medicine and Religion: Dr. Alessandro de Franciscis (Video)
12.04.2013 News Story

Dr. Alessandro de Franciscis, president of the Lourdes Office of Medical Observations, recently shared some of his experiences at an HDS lunch talk.