9 News Items Tagged 'Spirituality'

The Science of Spiritual Care
12.10.2013 News Story

HDS student Parameshwaran Ramakrishnan is carving out a career at the juncture of medicine and spirituality.

Is Health Care a Spiritual Discipline? (Video)
10.04.2013 News Story

On September 25, Dr. Daniel Sulmasy of the University of Chicago spoke about the relationship between spirituality and healthcare.

The Spa as a Spiritual Place
07.13.2013 News Story Los Angeles Times

In the LA Times, Professor Mayra Rivera Rivera says that an increased emphasis on the body as a way to enrich the self is part of a broader cultural trend.

A Conversation with President Drew Faust and Dean David Hempton
05.06.2013 Video

Harvard President Drew Faust and Dean David Hempton discuss the role of religious studies and spiritual life at Harvard and beyond.

Intellectual Worlds of Meditation: Participation in the Divine Life
03.13.2013 Video

A lecture from Brother Geoffrey Tristram as part of the Intellectual Worlds of Meditation lecture series.

Divination: Communicating with Divine Universal Energies
03.09.2012 Audio

This conversation was held at the CSWR and focused on historical and contemporary uses of divination and methods of divinatory practice.

Melding Spanish and Spirituality
09.08.2010 News Story Harvard Gazette

Harvard Divinity School (HDS) students will have a new teaching tool at their disposal this fall. In addition to classes in Coptic, classical Arabic, and biblical Hebrew, students will be able...

The Resurgence of Imagination
10.14.2008 Audio

A lecture with Sudhir Kakar, psychoanalyst and writer from Goa, India, with responses by Anne Monius, Professor of South Asian Religions, Harvard Divinity School, and Richard Kearney, Charles...

From the Ground Up: Growing a Green Future for Religion and Ethics
04.16.2006 Video

Presented at the Ethics, Values, and the Environment conference.