10 News Items Tagged 'Bible'

John Stendahl Reads 'Why I Love the Bible' (Video)
01.21.2014 News Story

John Stendahl reads the essay "Why I Love the Bible," written by his late father, Krister Stendahl, former HDS dean.

Matthew Potts Named Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies at Harvard Divinity School
05.03.2013 News Story

Episcopal priest and theological scholar the Rev. Matthew L. Potts, MDiv '08, has been appointed to the HDS faculty.

The Song of Songs: Translation, Reception, Reconfiguration
04.15.2013 Video

View a panel discussion held on April 15 featuring a conversation between five scholars on the Song of Songs.

Distinguished Gentleman
04.05.2013 News Story

For nearly a decade, one of HDS's most trusted advisers, Bill Rainer, has served the School as a member and chairman of the Dean's Council.

Lamentations and the Song of Songs
04.05.2013 Video

HDS professors Harvey Cox and Stephanie Paulsell gave a talk at HDS Leadership Day on their jointly-authored book, Lamentations and the Song of Songs.

Laura S. Nasrallah Named 2013-14 Luce Fellow
02.26.2013 News Story

HDS professor Laura Nasrallah has been named one of six Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology for 2013-14.

From Donation to Diatribe: How Anti-Jewish Interpretation Cashes Out
10.17.2012 Video

Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University delivered this year's Comparative Theology Lecture.

05.20.2009 News Story

Renowned scholars of American religious history R. Marie Griffith and Leigh Eric Schmidt have been appointed to the HDS faculty, effective July 1, 2009.

01.15.2009 News Story

The celebrated New Testament scholar Giovanni Bazzana has accepted an appointment to the Faculty of Divinity as Assistant Professor of New Testament.

11.15.2005 News Story

Since 1956-57, when they first appeared, the biblical scenes painted on the walls of Andover basement continue to peer mildly at us.