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From Periphery to Center: Pentecostal Christianity and the Retreat of the Secular State in Africa
04.16.2007 Audio

A luncheon seminar with Simeon Ilesanmi, Associate Professor and director of graduate studies, Wake Forest University

Pentecostalism, End Time Theology, and American Christianity
11.13.2006 Audio

A luncheon seminar with Harvey Cox, Hollis Professor of Divinity, Harvard Divinity School, one in a series of seminars on the theme "Whose Religion? Which Morality? Conflict and Authority in World...

08.26.2005 News Story

Wendy McDowell speaks with Wallace Best about his motivations in writing his book, Passionately Human, No Less Divine: Religion and Culture in Black Chicago, 1915-1952, and his...

02.25.2004 News Story

After returning from a recent two-week trip to Cameroon, Marlon Millner said that what had surprised him most about his first visit to the African continent was how not surprised he...

02.15.2004 News Story

Marlon Miller reflects on his first visit to Africa.