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Mountain Monasteries and Metropolitan Meditation Centers: A Century of Buddhist Propaganda in Modern Korea (Video)
02.10.2014 News Story

Mark Nathan, Assistant Professor of History and Asian Studies at the University of Buffalo, was a recent guest speaker at the CSWR.

Making Space for Meditation: Reflections on Practice in an Academic Setting
04.29.2013 Video

View a discussion in the CSWR series Intellectual Worlds of Meditation featuring four HDS students: Leslie Hubbard, Benjamin Van Arnam, Funlayo E. Z. Wood, and Dave Woessner.

The Religiosity of Korean Zen (Hwadu) Meditation
11.06.2012 Video

Sung-bae Park, Professor of Religious Studies at Stony Brook University, delivered this year's Ahnkook Fund for Korean Buddhism Lecture.

Rethinking 'Mysticism': Toward a Pedagogy of Contemplative Life
09.26.2012 Video

Thomas Coburn delivered this presentation on September 26 as part of the CSWR series "The Intellectual Worlds of Meditation."

From the Unreal to the Real: Reflections on Vedantic Meditation
03.14.2012 Audio

Swami Tyagananda made a presentation as part of the Center for the Study of World Religions' "Intellectual Worlds of Meditation" series.

Christian Meditation for Seekers
11.18.2011 Video

Roger Haight explained how the worldview of Ignatius Loyola shapes a particular approach to Christian meditation.