11 News Items Tagged 'Comparative Theology'

Marathon Man
05.31.2013 News Story

Chris Lisee's experience at HDS has helped him make sense of the Boston Marathon violence.

Sense Where None Seems Possible
05.07.2013 News Story Harvard Gazette

A panel at HDS probed religion's place in cruelties, such as the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Song of Songs: Translation, Reception, Reconfiguration
04.15.2013 Video

View a panel discussion held on April 15 featuring a conversation between five scholars on the Song of Songs.

Society for Comparative Theology Lecture with Kristin Bloomer
02.22.2013 Audio

This lecture was delivered by Kristin Bloomer and is part of the series Comparative Theology: Lectures and Conversations.

Going on 'a Journey in Faith'? How to Contribute to Comparative Theology
02.15.2013 Audio

This lecture was delivered by CSWR visiting scholar Ulrich Winkler as part of the series Comparative Theology: Lectures and Conversations.

Doing Comparative Theology with Foucault?
11.02.2012 Audio

Listen to a lecture with Marcell Sass, Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education, University of Münster, Germany and visiting fellow at the CSWR.

From Donation to Diatribe: How Anti-Jewish Interpretation Cashes Out
10.17.2012 Video

Amy-Jill Levine of Vanderbilt University delivered this year's Comparative Theology Lecture.

Society for Comparative Theology Lecture
04.11.2012 Audio

Mark Heim of Andover Newton Theological School offers reflections on the kind of self that is implied by Christian theological terms and the ways this matches with Buddhist categories.

Caputo's Ghosts, Vasubandhu's Illusions, and Comparative Hauntology
10.19.2011 Audio

The annual lecture for the Society of Comparative Theology at HDS was delivered by Kristin Beise Kiblinger of Winthrop University.

The Spirit of Contradiction in Buddhism and Christianity: Comparative Reflections on the Shaping of Religious Doctrine
02.16.2011 Audio

The Annual Comparative Theology lecture, by Hugh Nicholson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Theology, Loyola University Chicago.