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The Spa as a Spiritual Place
07.13.2013 News Story Los Angeles Times

In the LA Times, Professor Mayra Rivera Rivera says that an increased emphasis on the body as a way to enrich the self is part of a broader cultural trend.

Numinous Peaks: The Contours of Chinese Sacred Geography
04.27.2006 Audio

James Robson, Assistant Professor of Chinese Buddhism, University of Michigan, spoke at a luncheon seminar in the 2005-06 series "Religion, Place, and the Environment."

Nothing Is Ever Escaped': Public History and the African American Historic Landscape
04.11.2006 Audio

This luncheon seminar with Edward Linenthal, Professor of History, Indiana University, and editor of the Journal of American History, was hosted by Robert Orsi, Charles Warren Professor of the...

CSWR's Religions and Cities Seminars Feature Top Urban-Studies Scholars - City of Sacrifice
04.04.2003 Audio

On Friday, April 4, a panel of scholars addressed Davíd Carrasco's book, City of Sacrifice. The panel included: Charles H. Long, scholar of the History of Religions and African...

Materiality and Spectacle
04.26.2001 Video

This panel discussion analyzes and discusses objects that impel ritual practice and liminal experience, exploring such questions as: How is matter important? How is the "otherness"—the peculiar...