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Sacred Objects and Sacred Knowledge in Museum Spaces
11.13.2003 Audio

This talk by Martin Sullivan, chief executive officer of Historic St. Mary's City Commission (St. Mary's City, Maryland), was presented by the CSWR's Religion and the Arts Initiative.

Materiality and Spectacle
04.26.2001 Video

This panel discussion analyzes and discusses objects that impel ritual practice and liminal experience, exploring such questions as: How is matter important? How is the "otherness"—the peculiar...

The National Museum of the American Indian: Stewards of the Sacred
02.08.2001 Video

This lecture was the keynote address for "Stewards of the Sacred: Sacred Artifacts, Religious Culture, and the Museum as Social Institution," a gathering of leading museum directors from around...

Public Forum: Stewards of the Sacred
02.08.2001 Video

This open conversation presented findings from the working sessions of the Stewards of the Sacred conference and opened the discussion to an interested public.