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The Spa as a Spiritual Place
07.13.2013 News Story Los Angeles Times

In the LA Times, Professor Mayra Rivera Rivera says that an increased emphasis on the body as a way to enrich the self is part of a broader cultural trend.

William James on Love: The Varieties, Intimacy, and the Divine
04.25.2013 Video

The annual William James Lecture was presented by Jeremy Carrette, Professor of Religion and Culture at the University of Kent.

CSWR 50th Anniversary Symposium Panel Discussion on 'World Religions'
04.16.2010 Video

A panel chaired by Janet Gyatso, Harvard Divinity School, with Devaka Premawardhana, PhD candidate, Harvard University; Steven Hopkins, Swarthmore College; and Hent de Vries, Johns Hopkins...

A World in Crisis: The Relevance of Spiritual-Moral Principles
10.01.2009 Audio

A lecture by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, this was the first lecture in the 2009-10 Ecologies of Human Flourishing series.