News & Events

News & Events

Buddhist Ministry Colloquium (Video)
10.17.2013 News Story

On October 17, 2013, the Buddhist Ministry Colloquium hosted a talk on Caste Politics in the Ambedkar Buddhist Movement.

Female Piety in Contemporary Catholic Renewal and the Concept of Agency (Video)
10.16.2013 News Story

Professor Sarah Bracke discusses her study of a Catholic Renewal women's group in Milan, Italy in 2000.

HDS Alum Aims to Rebuild Ailing Institution
10.16.2013 News Story Harvard Magazine

HDS alumnus and Morehouse College President John S. Wilson Jr. on how education and religion are tied to his identity.

Beyond Heresy
10.15.2013 News Story

Professor Karen L. King's work explores the complexity of the early Christian world. 

Divine Company
10.15.2013 News Story

Tom Chappell, MTS '91, draws on his HDS experience in his work as an entrepreneur.

The Vatican's Role in the Promulgation of Italy's 1938 Racial Laws (Video)
10.10.2013 News Story

Professor and author David Kertzer talks about Pope Pius XI's complicity with Mussolini's fascist government in 1930s Italy. 

Women on a Mission
10.09.2013 News Story Harvard Gazette

Forthcoming book by HDS visiting lecturer Zilka Spahic-Siljak spotlights 11 voices of peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Harvard Divinity Bulletin Recognized as 'Magazine of the Year'
10.09.2013 News Story

The Bulletin received top honors from the Religion Newswriters Assocation in the 'Overall Excellence in Religion Coverage' category.

Is Health Care a Spiritual Discipline? (Video)
10.04.2013 News Story

On September 25, Dr. Daniel Sulmasy of the University of Chicago spoke about the relationship between spirituality and healthcare.

Remembering Narges Moshiri
10.04.2013 News Story

Narges Moshiri, MTS '86, played a vital role in the life of the CSWR from 1988 to 1996. She will be sorely missed by the HDS community.