News & Events

News & Events

Davíd Carrasco Named Chicago Divinity Alumnus of the Year
02.12.2014 News Story University of Chicago Divinity School

The famed HDS scholar, filmmaker, and expert on Mexican and Mesoamerican art and culture, will deliver the school's Alumnus of the Year address in April.

Paul Farmer on Liberation Theology (Video)
02.11.2014 News Story

On February 11, Harvard professor and Partners in Health founder Paul Farmer spoke about how liberation theology has influenced him. 

Zen and the Arts of Liberal Ministry (Video)
02.10.2014 News Story

Rev. James Ishmael Ford recently spoke at HDS as part of the Buddhist Ministry Initiative.

Mountain Monasteries and Metropolitan Meditation Centers: A Century of Buddhist Propaganda in Modern Korea (Video)
02.10.2014 News Story

Mark Nathan, Assistant Professor of History and Asian Studies at the University of Buffalo, was a recent guest speaker at the CSWR.

Keeping the Faith, Outdoors
02.09.2014 News Story

Harsh winter can't halt weekly street worship services run by HDS grads, students.

An Interview with WSRP Director Ann Braude (Video)
02.06.2014 News Story

Ann Braude, Director of the Women's Studies in Religion Program at HDS, describes the purpose and origin of the WSRP.

Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week
02.05.2014 News Story

HDS is celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week with events and resources aimed at promoting interfaith understanding.

Combating Poverty and Injustice
01.31.2014 News Story

HDS Field Education Program provides HDS student Joshua Leach with hands-on approach to ministry, service.

Keys to a Good Life
01.23.2014 News Story Harvard Gazette

Dean Hempton, Harvard professors outline their priorities to alumni audience in London.

HarvardX Course 'Early Christianity' Draws 22,000 Students
01.22.2014 News Story Huffington Post

HDS professor Laura Nasrallah's online course may be the largest scholarly discussion of Biblical studies in history.