News & Events

News & Events

10.19.2004 Video

On October 19, Harvard faculty members Robert Barro (Economics), Anne Monius (HDS), Amartya Sen (Economics and Philosophy), Robert Orsi (HDS), and Christopher Winship (Sociology) discussed and...

10.12.2004 Video

On October 12, 2004, David Little, Davíd Carrasco, and Samuel Huntington responded to questions raised by Huntington's recent book, Who Are We? The Challenges to America's National Identity...

09.25.2004 News Story

HDS staff writer Wendy McDowell sat down with Ann Braude to talk about her newest book Transforming the Faiths of Our Fathers: Women Who Changed American Religion.

09.23.2004 News Story Harvard Gazette

At HDS's annual convocation, Peter J. Gomes delivered an impassioned plea for the School to rekindle the intellectual excitement and institutional vigor he encountered when he arrived at HDS as...

09.20.2004 Video

On September 20, the Reverend Peter Gomes delivered the 2004-05 Convocation Address: "The Backwards Glance—the Forward Look." Charles F. Merrill was recognized for his 40 years of support of the...

08.15.2004 News Story

Wendy McDowell spoke with Laura Nasrallah about her book An Ecstasy of Folly: Prophecy and Authority in Early Christianity, other scholarly interests, and her teaching.

07.20.2004 News Story

Donald K. Swearer will spend the next three years at Harvard Divinity School as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies and director of the CSWR.

07.02.2004 News Story Harvard Crimson

Elizabeth A. Goldhirsh, a 25 year-old student at the Divinity School, is offering $100,000 of her own trust fund as prize money in a new theological essay contest.

06.20.2004 News Story

Harvard Divinity School has announced recipients of the three alumni awards that will be presented on its Alumni Day, June 9, 2004.

06.10.2004 News Story Harvard Gazette

Stephanie Saldana Is Committed to Improving Muslim-Christian Relations.