News & Events

News & Events

03.01.2004 Audio

A conversation about preaching and vocational development, and a celebration of the work of the Rev. Claudia Highbaugh. Featuring David Bartlett (Yale Divinity School) and Kay Bessler Northcutt...

02.25.2004 News Story

After returning from a recent two-week trip to Cameroon, Marlon Millner said that what had surprised him most about his first visit to the African continent was how not surprised he...

02.19.2004 Audio

This lecture was delivered by Kecia Ali, PhD (Brandeis University), Research Associate and Visiting Lecturer in World Religions.

02.15.2004 News Story

Marlon Miller reflects on his first visit to Africa.

02.03.2004 News Story

HDS staff writer Wendy McDowell sat down with William Hutchison to talk about his book, Religious Pluralism in America: The Contentious History of a Founding Ideal.

12.20.2003 News Story

William A. Graham, Dean of Harvard Divinity School, has announced that the Faculty of Divinity will pursue an appointment in Islamic religious studies to be supported by special University...

12.17.2003 News Story

The fortunate members of the Harvard community who got to hear the musicians "Dr. Loco y Los Dos Montoya" during their visit to campus December 10-12, 2003, no doubt came to believe it was...

12.15.2003 News Story

Some of you may know the words of the Advent Prose, the use of words from the prophet Isaiah to express deep longing for God and God's ways: "Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the...

12.12.2003 News Story

This is December 12, which most of us identify as one more day in the march toward Christmas break or as part of Hanukkah or the holidays.

11.14.2003 News Story

HDS professor Kevin Madigan deliver Morning Prayers in Appleton Chapel, the Memorial Church, in November 2003.