News & Events

News & Events

Sacred Objects and Sacred Knowledge in Museum Spaces
11.13.2003 Audio

This talk by Martin Sullivan, chief executive officer of Historic St. Mary's City Commission (St. Mary's City, Maryland), was presented by the CSWR's Religion and the Arts Initiative.

10.23.2003 News Story Harvard Gazette

With fewer than a million people dispersed over nearly 150,000 square miles, Montana is one of the most rural and thinly populated states in the country.

What Is Religion?
10.22.2003 Audio

Karen Armstrong, religious scholar and best-selling author of The History of God, The Battle for God, and Jerusalem, met with students and spoke at the CSWR.

10.20.2003 News Story

In July 2000, when the Right Rev. Vashti McKenzie was elected the first female bishop in the 213-year history of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, her reaction made national...

10.09.2003 News Story Harvard Gazette

The secular and the divine at Harvard, once so intertwined as to be indistinguishable, have drifted apart throughout the University's history.

The American Empire: Globalization, War, and Religion
09.23.2003 Audio

Advocate for human rights, Chandra Muzaffar is a Malaysian who for many years taught at universities in his country, while remaining active in NGO work.

09.20.2003 News Story

Named at the top of Ebony's 15 Greatest African American Female Preachers in 1997, Vashti McKenzie is known to be a commanding speaker with a strong...

09.03.2003 News Story

HDS staff writer Wendy McDowell sat down with Madigan recently to talk about his book, his other scholarly interests, and his teaching.

08.30.2003 News Story

The Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, who spent 1999-2000 as a fellow at the Center for the Study of Values in Public Life at Harvard Divinity School, was elected the new general secretary of the...

07.17.2003 News Story Harvard Gazette

Karen King doesn't want to rewrite the Bible, but she does want people to take another at the parts that got left out.