Each WSRP research associate designs and teaches a one-semester course related to the associate's research project. An annual session during fall orientation provides students with the opportunity to learn about each course from the visiting scholars themselves. The 2013-14 courses are:

Sarah Bracke
HDS 2112: Women, Religion, and the 'Turn to Agency'
Spring 2014, Monday 12-2 pm

Hsiao-wen Cheng
HDS 3009: Religious Women in Pre-Modern China
Fall 2013, Monday 2-4 pm

Amanda Izzo
HDS 2111: Religion and Women's Social Movements in United States History
Fall 2013, Monday noon-2 pm

Lihi Ben Shitrit
HDS 3022: Women, Religion and Political Activism in the Contemporary Middle East
Fall 2013, Monday 2-4 pm

Zilka Spahic Siljak
HDS 3021: Political Leadership of Women in the Classical Period of Islam
Spring 2014, Tuesday 12-2 pm

Jacquelyn Williamson
HDS 3108: Sex, Gender, and Religion in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Syria-Palestine
Spring 2014, Monday 12-2 pm

Please see the links on the right for information about other courses on religion and gender at the Divinity School, Harvard University, and through the Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.