This program is devoted to recapturing the history of women, helping them move forward to be all they can be—in leadership roles—by empowering them. . . . The research by the WSRP scholars will improve our lot in life as women, our daughters' lives, and society in general. —Arlene Hirschfeld, Denver, Colorado

Women throughout the country have responded to the scholarship promoted by the WSRP. In many parts of the country these women come together, drawn by their shared interest in the importance of the work that is fostered by the program. It is their belief that the scholarship must be promoted beyond the academic audience. They hold discussions of recently published books, host presentations by WSRP scholars that bring the scholarship to a larger informed lay audience, and help develop financial support.

WSRP 2011 National Leadership Council: Steve GilbertWSRP 2011 National Leadership Conference: Steve Gilbert