Next Year's Research Associates

2014-15 WSRP Research Associates and Visiting Faculty


Anila Daulatzai (University of Zurich)

Visiting Lecturer on Women’s Studies and Islamic Studies

Colorado Scholar

War and What Remains: Widowhood in Contemporary Afghanistan

Based on more than three years of ethnographic research in Kabul, Afghanistan, the project explores how widowhood is negotiated through serial war and occupation, and how humanitarian practices re-configure what it means to be a widow and to receive aid in a predominantly Muslim society.


Yakir Englander (Northwestern University)

Visiting Lecturer in Women's Studies and Judaism

Within and Without the Walls: The Status of Ultra-Orthodox Women in the Jewish Public Sphere (1980-2010)

Focusing on the Lithuanian ultra-orthodox community in Israel, this project examines the exclusion of women both from the point of view of (male) Haredi literature and through the eyes of women as revealed in rebbitzins’ recorded lectures. It examines definitions of “public sphere” and “private sphere” in the Haredi world-view.


Rosalind I. J. Hackett (University of Tennessee)

Visiting Professor of Women’s Studies and Religion

Sacred Sound(s): Exploring the Sonic Dimensions of Gender and Religion

The goal of this project is to develop a more sonically aware approach to the study of gender and religion. It will explore the “sacred” sounds (not just music) made and heard by, associated with, or kept from women in a range of religious traditions, past and present.


Jennifer Leath (Columbia University)

Visiting Lecturer in Women’s Studies and Religious Ethics

Is “Queer” the New “Black”?: Gender and Sexual Aspects of Afro-Diasporic Justice in the United States

What are the contemporary languages of “justice” and methodologies of “justice” making within the United States? This study addresses the peculiar life of “justice” as a concept that mediates the relationship between “queerness” and “blackness”—especially among women—within Afro-Diasporic communities. 


Alison More (University of Edinburgh)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and History of Christianity

Education, Confessionalisation, and Identity in Women’s Religious Communities, 1370-1563

This project explores the changing identities and intellectual engagement of communities of non-monastic religious women in the Low Countries. It questions the established traditions that emphasize feminine passivity, illiteracy, and lack of theological engagement, and explores the roles that women played in creating a coherent confessional identity.